ACCA 2021 Attendees

The following ACCA YouTube list includes those individuals who own and actively operate Aviation YouTube channels.  It specifically “excludes” media companies and large organizations such as Flying, AvWeb, CNN, etc. that have a YouTube channel, but are not operated by a solely responsible “individual” Content Creator / Film maker / YouTuber. This list is fluid and will be updated as channels come and go.  The list of 2021 ACCA convention confirmed slot holders may change due to the pandemic, travel restrictions, or other needs. The 2021 ACCAs are capped at 50 FREE slots. Each SLOT comes with 4 armbands for Flightline access, Hotel shuttles, unlimited free food and drinks (3 days), and extensive channel promotion The channels listed below in the left column are included in the ACCA data harvester software where real time stats and rankings will be continuously posted and auto updated daily. These stats will appear on this site around June 1, 2021. If you know of another Aviation YouTube content creator that is not on this list, please pass that information along to us via email at

The goal of the public ACCA data is so that each channel can see in real time where their uploads place in total rankings, stats, and Qm of similar content creators. The goal is to provide incentive for each channel to increase production qualities and production content, and to provide real time marketing data for potential channel sponsors Of the 100 plus Aviation YouTube Content Creator channels listed, only 54 are the recipients of ACCA Convention VIP credentials.  These positions (referred to as SLOT reservations) are given out annually on a first come first serve basis, with seniority priority given to channels with previous years ACCA attendance. There is no cost to reserve and hold a reservation SLOT. Additional SLOTS may be purchased for $1295.00 each. Channels that did not make it on the capped list of 54 are automatically placed on a standby list in case of a last minute cancellation.  Any channel can relinquish their SLOT at any time with no penalty. The Standby list is populated in first come first serve order only. The collective fund raising efforts of the Whiteside County Airport, airshow, and tourism personnel are dedicated to the full experience of the ACCA VIP Slot holder – the visiting Content Creator! Channels shown in BOLD in the left column are previous year ACCA 2020 attendees. The Channels Confirmed Slot list on the right (all 50 slots) show the channel name and the approximate subscriber base of each channel.

2021 ACCA’s Invited  Alphabetical Listing
      ______________ 1capcarl
310 Pilot
74 Gear
Air Clips
Airplane Academy
Airplanes & Coffee
Allel Joshua Ibay
Angle of Attack
Ask Captain Scott
Aviation 101
Back Country Pilot
Baron Pilot
Bearhawk Life
Ben Lomov

Bruce Air Flying
Captain Joe
Captain Moon Beam
Check Ride Prep
Cirrus Driver
Citation Max
Corporate Pilot Life
Cory Johnson
Cory Robin
CW Lemoine
Flying Cowboys
Daily Dose of Av.
Daniel Isbell
David C
David Heon
Dutch Pilot Girl
Dutchy Girl
Elliot Seguin
Erik Johnson Photog.
Exp. Aircraft Ch.
Florida Flying
Florida Aviation Network
Fly 8 MA
Fly Girl Kelley
Flying Dirty
Flying with Rich
Fly with B
Fly with The Guys
For Fun Flyer
Forrest Haggerty
Franklin Poole
Friendly Skies Film
Garry Wing
Gene Benson
General Av. Guru
Glenn Hancock
Greg’s Airp. & Auto.
Guido Warnecke
Hanga Ratz
Hoosier Pilot
Hug Aviation
Jacob Hancock

Jesse Flies
Jonas Marcinko
Joshua Ryan Blair
Just Plane Silly
Just Planes
Kaptan Baha
Kermit Weeks
Kevin Quinn
Laurie Lindsey
Lew Dix Aviation
Luke Pylypciw
Lyndy Hollman
Malibu Flyer
JR Aviation
Mark Patey
Martin Pauley

Mentour Pilot
Mike Patey
Mini Air Crash Inv.
Missionary Bush Pilot
Nancy Bradshaw
Nikkos Wings
Open Air Flight Club
Parr 4 The Course
Plane Old Ben
Premier 1 Driver
Probable Cause
Pro Pilot Pete
Quantum Fly
Richard of Oz
Sam Chui
Sarah Rovner
Scott Urschell
Socal Flying Monkey
Stefan Drury
Stevo 1 Kinevo
Super Aero
Swayne Martin
Mikey McBryan
Taking Off
The Cardinal Pilot
The Finer Points
The Fire Pilot
Trent Palmer
Unusual Attitudes
Vas Aviation
Wayne Smith
What u Haven’t Seen
Wolf Pilot
Zero Tree Delta

2021 ACCA’s Confirmed Assigned Slots (54)


1. Captain Joe 1.48 M Subscribers
2. Just Planes 1.21 M Subscribers
3. Mentour Pilot 758 k Subscribers
4. Airboyd 442 k Subscribers
5. VAS Aviation 436 k Subscribers
6. blancolirio 259 k Subscribers
7. Mike Patey 254 k Subscribers
8. Fly8MA 129 k Subscribers
9. SoCal Flying Monkey 91.4 k Subscribers
10. Forrest Haggerty 79.6 k Subscribers
11. Cory Robin 47.9 k Subscribers
12. WolfiCorn 36.8k Subscribers
13. FlyWire 34.7 k Subscribers
14. Mark Patey 21.1 k Subscribers
15. Just Plane Silly 20.8 k Subscribers
16. Probable Cause 26.5 k Subscribers
17. Zero Tree Delta .1k Subscribers
18. Wolf Pilot .3k Subscribers
19. Glenn Hancock 4.3k Subscribers
20. Parr 4 the Course 2.3 k Subscribers
21.  Project Kitfox 15.2k Subscribers

22. Scott Urshell 2.2k Subscribers

23. Hanga Ratz 1.4k Subscribers
24. Bearhawk Life 2.4k Subscribers
25. Skyline Baron Pilot 13.5 k Subscribers
26. Airplanes and Coffee .1 k Subscribers 
27. Citation Max 78.2 k Subscribers 
28. Jessica Cox  8.7 k Subscribers
29. Fly with The Guys 66.6 k Subscribers
30. 310 Pilot 213 k Subscribers
31. Aeroworks Productions 21.5 k Subscribers
32. Ben Lomov 36.9 k Subscribers
33. Aviator Show 80.2 k Subscribers
34. Kaptan Baha 18.9 k Subscribers
35. Hug Aviation .4 k Subscribers
36. Daniel Isbell .3 k Subscribers
37. The Fire Pilot 2.3 k Subscribers
38. AV8 58  2.1 k Subscribers
39. Sarah Rovner .3 k Subscribers
40. Joshua Ryan Blair .8 k Subscribers
41. 1capcarl 10.5 k Subscribers
42. Trent Palmer 388 k Subscribers
43. Franklin Poole 5.2 k Subscribers
44. All American Aviation 7.8 k Subsribers.
45. Cole Aviation 4.3 k Subscribers
46. Flying Dirty 3.4 k Subscribers
47. Flying with Rich 6.8k Subscribers
48. Chopperguy 12.3 k Subscribers
49. Plane Old Ben 24.5 k Subscribers
50. What You Haven’t Seen 127 k Subscribers
51. Kristina Delp 360 Subscribers
52. History – X  .8 k Subscribers
53. Pro Pilot Pete 1.3 k Subscribers
54. 6-Zero-Alpha 58 subscribers
Slots Standby List
1. Open Air Flight Club
2.. Mikey McBrian
3. Cirrus Driver
4. FlightChops
5. Garry Wing 1
6. Kermit Weeks
7. Guido Warnecke
8. Elliot Sequin
9. Wy Flyguy
10. Baron Pilot
11. Aviation 101
12. Super Aero 
13. Jonas Marcinko
14. Stefan Drury
15. kent farney tom sawyer
16. Homebuilt Help
17. Cole Aviation
18. I Follow Roads

EAA AirVenture NOTAM released

From: EAA AirVenture NOTAM

There are several important FAA-approved changes in the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2021 Notice to Airmen (NOTAM), featuring arrival and departure procedures for EAA’s 68th fly-in convention July 26-August 1 at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh. These changes are based on pilot feedback and FAA review of arrival procedure recommendations.

The NOTAM, which is in effect from noon CDT on Thursday, July 22, until 8 p.m. CDT on Sunday, August 1, outlines procedures for the many types of aircraft that fly to Oshkosh for the event, as well as aircraft that land at nearby airports. The NOTAM was designed by the FAA to assist pilots in their EAA AirVenture flight planning.

Some of the 2021 changes include:

  • There are new ATC-assignable transition points approaching Oshkosh from the west that will ease holding and congestion. These points are at Endeavor Bridge, Puckaway Lake, and Green Lake. They will be announced on the arrival ATIS when ATC puts them into use at times of highest traffic flows.
  • Different start and ending dates for the NOTAM.
  • The temporary Runway 18L/36R at Oshkosh (KOSH) has been reconstructed and is now 60 feet wide.
  • Two VORs have been decommissioned (FAH and IKK).
  • Numerous editorial changes.

“With AirVenture on hiatus last year, it is more crucial than ever to thoroughly read and understand the 2021 AirVenture NOTAM to ensure safe operations on arrival and departure for this year’s event,” said Sean Elliott, EAA’s vice president of advocacy and safety. “We also urge all pilots to log appropriate cross country time prior to their trip to Oshkosh so they have the proficiency and confidence to fly safely in conjunction with a thorough knowledge of this year’;s NOTAM.”

EAA is also hosting a webinar on June 23 at 7 p.m. regarding flying to AirVenture 2021 and changes in this year’s NOTAM. Pilots are encouraged to participate in that webinar to build their knowledge prior to their flights to Oshkosh.

This year’s NOTAM cover features a photo from the EAA Seaplane Base. Pilots can download a digital version of the NOTAM at, or order a free printed copy via that webpage or by calling EAA Membership Services at 800-564-6322.