Join us for the 2021 ACCA Airshow, Saturday, July 24th from 2 – 4 P.M.  at the Whiteside County Airport, KSQI in Rock Falls, Illinois.

Show Performers:

Scott Urschel, Pylon Aviation: Airbus BO-105 turbine aerobatic helicopter, Scott Perdue: aerobatic F33C Bonanza,  Austin Clemens: A-1C Husky, sponsored by Aviat Aircraft,  The Cory Robin – Flying Cowboys: formation STOL routine, David Martin: aerobatic/dead-stick Beechcraft Baron Glenn Hancock: 1938 Lockheed Electra from the movie “Amelia” in non aerobatic single engine routine, Dan Gryder: Douglas DC-3 routine, Paul Schultan 300 MPH aerobatic Glasair,  Juan Brown BLANCOLIRIO Husky DEMO,  Eric Farewell with his Paradigm Aerobatic Team Formation Para-Glider Routine, Misty Blues All Female Parachute Demo team, Full Throttle Formation Team, Robert Dickson aerobatic North American P-51D “Swamp Fox” and more! The specific airshow acts and order that they will fly will be posted here as details are completed, and subject to change.

The AIRBOSS for this year’s very unusual ACCA Airshow is 40 year AirBoss veteran, George Cline, AirBoss, Inc.  George is the best of the best.  The FAA approved airspace and crowd lines have been designed specifically for this ACCA airshow that will allow the best viewing of each performance, and the most safety for the visiting aviation enthusiast.   See airport layout below. The one day TFR/Waivered Airspace ACCA 2021 Airshow will feature a solid lineup of back to back airshow routines.

If you would like to participate in this airshow as a performer, please send an email to